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Monday, June 26, 2006

The Brown Note

I was chatting with some mates on the weekend about the existence of the mythical brown note. The brown note was featured in an episode of South Park as a sound that caused the entire earth to empty their bowels uncontrollably. In the show, this was referred to as "the Brown Noise". Funny shit huh? I know that was bad..........
So mythbusters did a bit of a test on the theory to see if it actually is true, but apparently to no avail. Myth busted apparently.
So if the mythbusters busted this myth and there is still chatter about it, maybe they didnt look deep enough. In fact, I postulate that there is more to it and they should have looked for 'brown songs' or 'brown artists' cause lets face it, there is plenty of music out there that gives me the shits.


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