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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Lady Fingers

Lets face it, there are a lot of girls that are shy about eating in front of people right? I really dont mind, being a guy its really not an issue. However, as a bloke (back me up here guys) you cant tell me that there isnt something a little amusing about watching a girl chow down on a banana right?

Girls, obviously you can pick up on this vibe and I am sure that you are sensitive to this well known fact. You have learnt to be more discrete with your banana devouring activities. To do you all a favour, let me run through the most commonly employed techniques:
  • The sliding of lips over end of peeled banana and subtle biting. Girls this just makes you look gentle and fuels our need to observe.
  • The bared teeth bite down. Ouch, do you notice guys cringing but strangely interested?
  • The cover your mouth as you bite technique. This IS NOT going to stop us looking.
  • The banana split. Hmm in the bowl cut in half and eaten with knife and fork. This may be the only true way to eat a banana in a non-erotic manner.
  • The run your tongue up the banana technique. Hmmm this is a relatively new technique, rarely seen in public and often on the top shelf of the DVD store or Fingers' old computer.

So girls, play it safe. If it aint split and in a bowl with creme, eat it in private.


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