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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Local gets ripped

This from the Sydney Morning Herald:

"An inner-western Sydney pub has been held up by a gang of armed men in the early hours of this morning.
Three masked men, one with a firearm and one with a knife entered the hotel on Marion Street, Leichhardt at about 1.15am (AEST), ordering staff and patrons to the ground.
Police said the offenders then forced their way into the rear office, stealing the contents of two cash registers and a staff member's handbag but were unable to gain access to the safes.
The men then fled in a stolen silver-coloured Subaru WRX being driven by a fourth person."
Well this pub seems to get robbed all the time by 'men of middle eastern appearance' in a WRX. Usually it seems to happen just after I leave. Its starting to get a bit suspect for me, my timing being impeccable.
But this time I have a solid alibi, I was at home with my bong and a Papa Guiseppe double pizza pack.


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