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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

What not to wear

I had a bit of a wardrobe malfunction on the weekend. You see I am the extremely proud owner of a McShit T-shirt. The McShit shirt is up there with other alltime classics like the 'addihash', 'weedbok' and the classic 'Bill and Ben the flower pot men (and a little weed)' series.

Now I am not a complete nazi when it comes to maccas, sure they degrade the rainforest and exploit kids etc. But my real reason for not liking it is that the food is only digestable when drunk and the place is full of fat fuck 'low socio economics' and their snot nosed kids.

So anyway, on the weekend I am coming back from somewhere in the Gaba (Great Australian Bugger All) and the only place for a 'pit stop' is a highway maccas. And having two girls in the car you need to make a number of these pit stops. Apparently contrary to popular belief they are not two humped camels.

So the girls are in the dunny doing their McShit and I am sitting down inside confirming my suspicions that the place would be full of fat low breeds when i casually notice that people are looking at me. At first I put it down to stoned paranoia, but then realise that most of the restaurant is lookin at me.

I then realised that I had chosen to wear my McShit shirt that day.........


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